Commissions Open!

This is the place where you can examine the rates for commissions and can ask for one (or more). One might think translating or editing becomes easier once one is accustomed to it, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Whether it is translating or editing, each takes time and a lot is dependent on the doujin(s) in question. Translating, for example, demands more than simple guesswork. Instead, it requires research as well as articulate skill, so we can create the most accurate translation possible. After a successful translation has been made, the editing process begins, which can entail cleaning up the doujin, replacing the Japanese text, de-censoring and so forth.

Keep in mind that some editing options are expensive, because they might be complex and can take a lot of time. For this reason, it is up to the customer how far they want to go and how much money they intend to spent on a work. Nevertheless, we will always strive to deliver a high-quality product.

However, we are well within our rights to refuse any commission. Fetishes aren’t commonly shared by everyone, so the translators and editors have the final say whether they will work on a title or not.

Payment ethics warrant no debate either, as the customer has to pay the first half of the stated amount before the begin of work and the second half after the work is completed, but before delivery. A sample of the final product can be provided to prove the product matches the expectations and price.


Note: All stated rates count for a normal-sized doujin or one whole chapter in a multi-chapter work. If a doujin or chapter in a multi-chapter work proves to be unusually large, a higher price may be stated to account for the additional work.

$1-3 per translated page:  The rate can vary, depending on the amount of speech bubbles, time, and research each page requires. *

$4-10 per translated foreword or afterword: The rate can vary, depending on the amount of text or research required for it.

$1-3 per edited page: The rate can vary, depending on the amount of clean-up work it requires. Special requests are not taken into account here but can be negotiated.

$1-4 per cleaned page: Basic clean-ups are free, but anything beyond that gets charged and may vary.

$1-5 per de-censored part: The rate can vary, depending on the type of censoring, amount, and the difficulty of fixing it.

$1-3 per page for translated sound effects in a doujin:  The rate can vary, depending on the amount of text to translate and the difficulty.

$1-8 per page for edited sound effects in a doujin: Sound effects are often part of the art and really difficult and time-consuming to edit. The rate can vary, depending on the amount and difficulty.


*Note for script only commissions:

  1. If the commissioner plans on editing and uploading themselves proof of editing competence is required.
  2. Out of respect for the translator it is requested that you do not edit scripts we send to you as they already have gone through quality checks and are of presentable quality for editing.