[Nishi Iori] Penguin Kingdom – Chairmans Club

August 29, 2021 - Finished Projects
[Nishi Iori] Penguin Kingdom – Chairmans Club

Title: Penguin Kingdom – Chairman Club -True Hell School Series- [FTL]
Artist: Nishi Iori
Pages: 16
Translator: shephipster, hydeman
Cleaning: suigintou
Typesetting: Nick “Zorb” Cage
TL Check: Lolicomp
Management: Cookiestore

Translation brought to you by amateurs from All the Fallen, [Fallen Translations]. It’s a new team, not related to the old one of which you’ve seen works of.
Please point out any mistakes in translation or typesetting. As always with my releases, i will provide a torrent of .psd files with everything included for easier translation into other languages and a translation document.
If you fancy yourself a typesetter/translator, feel free to join in.

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